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American idol kris allen is gay

american idol kris allen is gay

but I have been unable to find out by what percent spread did Kris win. Simon didn't criticize it the first time. Adam and Kris are fantastically gifted human beings, they are generous and kind, courteous and humble. This is not a cul Sex Gay Branlette Gay musician contest, it's a singing contest. We can sit here and discuss this all day, and get nowhere. I would go to an adam lampert concert. There would currently be a civil war going. It was not the singing! What happened to 1 man 1 vote. Rocker-girl May 24th, 2009 7:18 pm ET Adam got robbed: American Idol should do right by him and admit there were problems with the voting. If you played 5 random Cd's from Adam and Kris to the general public, there would be no question who would have the superior talent. Also would like for Adam and Allison to do a duet together on the tour rather than her and Danny. He deserved to win! I am sending you a CD of my songs for your review. Can you say Academy Awards? Lyn May 23rd, 2009 3:32 am ET I am 57 years old and have never voted for an idol contestant, downloaded idol songs, or commented on-line for any reason. By, the way I'm not in the young catageory by a long shot.
american idol kris allen is gay
He knows in his heart Adam should have won this t I gurantee nothing will be done about. May 22nd, 2009 11:47 pm ET Lots of gay performers out there. I even read that people in Arkansas were teaching everyone how to use Gizmo so they could vote continuously for a seven hour period instead of a four hour period in the finale. There is a difference and all of America knows. He showed his versatility by playing both the piano guitar, which I did not see with Adam's performance.

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Racaille arabe gay cam to cam gay It should be called American Exposure. It isn't a rock show. Did plan cul roanne rencontre gay reims anyone even know who they were? Adam is louder, more dramatic, and has a better range.
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  2. I guess this is just the ramblings of an out of touch old man who looks for something with more substance for entertainment. Congratulations to all contestants and to Kris as the winner.
  3. You are amazing and Iconic, like everyone has said. Go Behind The Scenes Producer larry king live'S Emmy-winning Senior Executive Producer Wendy Walker knows what it takes to make a great story. Its that simple Carol-Ann Lane May 22nd, 2009 9:19 pm ET Adam was and is the best contestant ever on Idol. Adam, what he is doing to people of ALL ages right now, is he is putting rock music back in the industry where all people of ALL ages will enjoy it again.
  4. american idol kris allen is gay
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